100% Envelope Cotton Pillowcases Queen King Size


100% Envelope Cotton Pillowcases. Available in Queen and King sizes, these high-quality pillow covers offer comfort and customization. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes. Experience breathable, antibacterial luxury for a better night’s sleep.

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100% Envelope Cotton Pillowcases – Queen and King Size Pillow Covers

Product Description:

Elevate Your Bedding Experience with 100% Cotton Pillowcases

Introducing our monnom 100% Envelope Cotton Pillowcases, designed for those who appreciate quality, comfort, and customization. These pillowcases are the perfect addition to your home, hotel, or hospital bedding collection.

Product Features:

  • Material: Crafted from high-quality 40s cotton, ensuring softness, breathability, and durability.
  • Color Variety: Available in a range of attractive colors, including red, white, grey, green, yellow, and pink.
  • Size Options: Choose from various sizes, including King, Queen, and versatile dimensions such as 40x40cm, 48x74cm, 40x60cm, and more.
  • Performance: Our pillowcases offer a comfortable, breathable, and antibacterial sleeping experience.
  • Simple Style: Featuring a timeless and simple design that complements any bedroom decor.
  • Applicable Season: Suitable for use in all seasons, including spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
  • Washing Method: Easy-care pillowcases can be hand-washed or machine-washed for convenience.

Customization Available:

  • We support customization, allowing you to tailor these pillowcases to your specific needs and preferences.


  • Due to variations in lighting conditions, monitors, and material batches, there may be slight color differences. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Manual measurements may result in minor size discrepancies.

Elevate Your Sleep Experience With Envelope Cotton Pillowcases, you’re not just choosing pillow covers; you’re choosing comfort, quality, and customization. Upgrade your bedding collection with our versatile and stylish pillowcases for a better night’s sleep.

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