100% White Goose Down Warm Duvet Winter Feather Duvet Queen King Cozy Lightweight 3D Bread Comforter Pinch Pleated


High-Grade White Goose Down Warm Duvet, perfect for winter. Featuring luxurious 100% goose down filling, innovative 3D Bread Comforter design, and a blend of cotton and polyester for ultimate warmth and softness. Available in multiple sizes. Elevate your sleep experience with our eco-friendly, hypoallergenic quilt. Shop now for cozy nights!

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White Goose Down Quilt for Ultimate Winter Warm Duvet – Queen & King Sizes Available

Warm Duvet Description:

Elevate Your Sleep Experience: Introducing our premium High-Grade White Goose Down Quilt, a perfect blend of luxury and comfort for those chilly autumn and winter nights. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this quilt is more than just a bedding item; it’s an investment in unparalleled comfort.

Model Number: F21 – A Symbol of Quality

Grade A Craftsmanship: Our quilt is crafted using Grade A standards, ensuring top-notch quality. The intricate DIAGONAL weaving technology paired with a stylish Patchwork pattern not only adds an aesthetic touch but also enhances the durability of the quilt.

Innovative 3D Bread Comforter Design:

Experience the unique 3D Bread Comforter design, offering an extraordinary level of coziness. The Pinch Pleated texture adds a sophisticated flair to your bedroom decor.

Premium Filling: Filled with 100% pure white goose down, known for its incredible warmth and lightweight properties. The goose down is ethically sourced, ensuring both comfort and conscience are catered to.

Luxurious Fabric Blend: The quilt’s outer fabric is a harmonious blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, striking the perfect balance between softness and durability.

Advanced Manufacturing: Employing Vertical Lining technology, this quilt guarantees even distribution of down, eliminating cold spots and promoting a restful sleep.

Sizes for Goose Down Warm Duvet:

Available in multiple sizes and weights to perfectly fit your bed and warmth preferences:

  • 150x200cm (available in 2.1kg, 2.5kg, 2.8kg)
  • 200x230cm (available in 2.5kg, 3.2kg, 3.5kg)
  • 220x240cm (available in 2.8kg, 3.4kg, 3.8kg)

Fluffiness Out of the Box: Shipped vacuum-sealed for protection, our quilt fluffs up to its full, inviting shape shortly after unpacking.

Safe and Eco-Friendly: Our quilts are antibacterial, anti-mite, and crafted with environmentally responsible practices, ensuring safety for you and the planet.

Please Note:

  • The quilt does not include pillows or bed sheets.
  • Slight color variations may occur due to different screen settings.
  • Dimensions may vary slightly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind our product. If you have any concerns post-purchase, we’re here to offer a satisfactory solution.

Why Choose Our Goose Down Warm Duvet?

  • Unmatched warmth and comfort
  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly materials
  • Elegant design that complements any bedroom decor
  • Easy to care for and maintain

Don’t settle for ordinary. Choose our High-Grade White Goose Down Quilt for a sleep experience that’s as luxurious as it is comforting.

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